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Protecting Your Feet in the Summer

Health & Prevention

With summer finally here, many people have traded their socks and shoes in for bare feet, flip-flops and sandals. Dr. Kenneth Leavitt, Chief of Podiatry at NEBH, reminds you that sunburns, infections, and injury caused by unsupportive shoes are very common in the summer, and can put a damper on your vacation. He advises taking the following precautions to keep your feet feeling good this summer.

  • When applying sunscreen, don’t forget your feet.
  • In order to help prevent sunburn and various infections including plantar warts, athlete’s foot and ringworm, make sure to wear shoes or flip-flops around the pool, to the beach, and in rest rooms and locker rooms.
  • Limit the amount of time you wear flat sandals or flip-flops that do not provide arch support. Walking on a hard surface without the proper arch support can eventually lead to fallen arches, causing pain, swollen ankles, and weak lower leg muscles. Instead of flat shoes, choose a shoe with one-inch heel differential (example: a shoe with a two-inch platform at the sole should have a three-inch heel).

If you have any type of persistent pain, you should consult an orthopedic expert. 

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