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Life in Motion

Pounding the Pavement: How is Team NEBH Preparing for the 2017 Boston Marathon?

Sports & Exercise

As the 2017 Boston Marathon approaches, we wanted to know how team NEBH is preparing for the historic 26.2 mile race on April 17. Below, each member of the team shares a few of their training tips, and some challenges they have faced along the way.

Allison Gwilliam, PT
Rehab Services

Having Support

The Boston Marathon will be Allison’s second marathon. She started training the week of Christmas, December 2016.

To train, Allison runs four days a week, three days outside and one day inside on a treadmill which she fits in before work. On the weekends she does long runs usually consisting of 13-20 miles, where she tries to incorporate a variety of terrain, including hills. In addition to running she also does cross training, including hikes with her dog, and stretching during yoga classes.  Alison also acknowledges it is important to take days off and gives herself one day of rest.

Running on the weekends can be a daunting task and Allison credits her husband with helping her train.

Codey Gillum, PA-C
Physicians Assistant, Orthopedics

Staying Active Year round

Cody works out in the gym year round with free weights, some running and playing basketball. To train for the Boston Marathon, he has not had to make a drastic change to his workout.

His training has been focused on conditioning and strengthening his lower legs. During the week he runs shorter, faster miles anywhere between 4-8 miles at high speeds. On the weekends he does long runs of at least ten miles or more. To try to wear down the muscles in his legs and to strengthen his quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and IT Bands, he does leg machine exercises.

While training he experienced a mild meniscal tear in his right knee, so he is currently resting it before getting back on the pavement.

Paige Legassie
Human Resources Generalist

A New Approach

A marathon runner, Paige has taken a different tactic to train for the Boston Marathon. In addition to getting her mileage in, Paige has been focusing on her heart rate zones. To do this, she has been working with a running coach to do a combination of heart-rate based runs along with cross training. Cross training has helped her strengthen her muscles and recover from running the past few months.

Nutrition is an important part of any marathon runners training. Paige makes sure to eat plenty of protein and carbs while allowing herself the additional cookie or treat after long runs.

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