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Keeping Your Hands Safe this Halloween

Health & Prevention

Pumpkin carving is the number one Halloween injury each year according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Out of an estimated 4,500 Halloween related injuries reported during October and November of 2017, 41% were related to pumpkin carving. Katie Molloy, hand therapist at NEBH, recommends keeping the following tips in mind when you carve your pumpkin this season.

Use the Right Tools

Instead of reaching for a sharp kitchen knife when carving your pumpkin, opt for a pumpkin carving kit, which can be found online or at most grocery/convenience stores. These kits are designed to cut through pumpkins without being razor sharp, minimizing injuries.

Keep Your Hands Dry

Although carving can get messy, it’s important to keep your hands and the pumpkin surface dry. Any moisture can cause slipping that can lead to injuries.

Consider Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

If you have young children, or if you suffer from arthritis which makes it difficult to grip carving tools, a fun alternative to carving pumpkins is decorating them with paint, googly eyes, yarn, or ribbon.

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