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Keeping Up With Exercise During the Holidays

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The holidays can be a busy and stressful time. Starting with Thanksgiving through New Year’s, you may find yourself moving from one obligation to the next. From going to work parties, fitting in holiday shopping and attending social gatherings, it might be a challenge to stay active and exercise during the season. To help you stick to your fitness routine during this festive time here are a few tips from NEBH Athletic Trainer Bryan Truscott:

Set time for you-Schedule exercise
Exercise is a great way to help you maintain your weight during the holidays and is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t take time for yourself during this hectic time it can take a toll on your health. Just as you would schedule time for a holiday gathering, you can schedule time to work out. Even if you don’t have the time for a full workout, a little goes a long way. You will be more apt to keep up your workout routine if you don’t stop exercising. Also, consider working out with a buddy so you can motivate each other and hold each other accountable.

Stay active
Some days you won’t be able to fit exercise in due to your holiday schedule. However you can still find ways to be active by incorporating alternative fitness methods to your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of an elevator or while going shopping choose a parking spot further away from an entrance so you can walk. You could try wearing a pedometer while shopping or at work to see how many steps you have taken over the course of the day.

Find a way to work out
Traveling for the holidays? You might be out of your element and unable get to the gym.  If traveling by plane you may find yourself waiting for long periods of time. You can take advantage of the time by walking throughout the terminal. You could also bring fitness equipment that fits in your bag such as a fitness DVD or jump rope so you can work out once you get to your destination. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that can be done anywhere. Workouts that can also be done anywhere include body weight exercises such as push-ups, sit ups, or squats. You could also go for a walk with family members. Walking is a great way to spend time with each other and exercise at the same time.

Give yourself an incentive to work out
It might be hard to find the motivation to work out during holidays. If you fit in exercise during the season celebrate the success with a reward. Maybe you want to purchase something new or treat yourself to a holiday meal. This incentive could give you an instant boost and keep you moving all season long.

Don’t deprive yourself
The holidays are a celebratory period that you should appreciate. Exercise before attending a party where you know holiday treats are going to be available to eat. Fitness and health should be incorporated into your everyday life. You can still allow yourself to indulge as long as you do so in moderation. Remember to enjoy yourself. Although exercise is important the holidays should be about spending time with people who are important to you.

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