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Improving Surgical Results Through Patient Registries

Medical Science

Patient registries are fast becoming important tools to assess the quality and cost-effectiveness of surgical procedures. Registries help to maintain high quality patient care and facilitate research that can improve surgical outcomes.

What is a Patient Registry?

The New England Baptist Hospital Joint and Spine Registry is a database that houses clinical information from people over time. The key to a successful registry is a high volume of patients with a particular disease or procedure performed. NEBH performs more complex joint and spine procedures than any other hospital in New England, making it an ideal location to collect specific joint and spine data.

New Protocols and Better Outcomes

NEBH surgeons perform over 5,300 total joint replacements and more than 1,500 spine surgeries every year using a wide range of devices and surgical approaches. The registry keeps track of each of these variables, as well as patient demographics such as reasons for surgery and any underlying health conditions. After surgery, the registry tracks patient progress over time. The data can then be cross-referenced and analyzed to find correlations demonstrating which procedures and devices achieve the best outcomes based on a patients’ clinical profile. These predictive models of care and treatment protocols help surgeons maintain the highest quality of care ensuring the best outcomes.

The Registry Today

The registry has come a long way since its inception in 2008. It continues to grow with a more capable software platform which will improve functionality and increase patient participation. Additionally, the registry will be able to communicate with the NEBH electronic medical record which will make data collection seamless. We are also working with the American Joint Replacement Registry, a not-for-profit national organization for data collection and research on total hip and knee replacements. Our participation on the national level will allow us to contribute on a much larger scale and bring the benefits directly to our patients. 


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