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Icy Conditions: Learning How to Fall

Health & Prevention

With all of the snow and bitterly cold temperatures we have been hit with this winter, sidewalks and walkways can be extremely slippery. While avoiding falls as much as possible should be the priority, knowing how to fall properly can also help reduce your risk for injury. Keep these tips in mind as you are out and about this winter.

If you feel yourself falling, you will want to keep two important things in mind: protecting your head and spreading out the impact of the fall.

  • Tuck your chin in and turn your head away from the fall. This will help protect your head.
  • Roll into the fall and try to absorb the impact. It is better to land on your buttocks and side than on your back.
  • Avoid trying to break the fall with your hand or arm as this can lead to upper extremity injuries.
  • Consider wearing a heavy, bulky coat which can help to cushion you.

If you do fall, it is important to see a doctor. If you have fallen recently or have felt unsteady, talk to your doctor about personalized strategies to help keep your balance.

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