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How Can Physical Therapy Help Manage Your Chronic Back Pain?

Back, Neck & Spine

Managing chronic back pain can be a challenge for the millions of Americans who suffer from the condition. Spine pain – whether it’s in the low back, neck or mid back area -often leads to reduced mobility, weakness and functional limitations making normal daily activities unbearable.  Arm and leg pain, which are sometimes caused by neurological disorders rooted in the back, neck or spine, can also be debilitating.

Physical therapists play an important role in helping patients to manage their back pain, as they work alongside primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists and physiatrists in order to determine your individual plan of care. Treatment begins with extensive education on a patient’s condition and the underlying cause of their pain.

For many patients, specific exercise-based treatments can help improve strength and physical function and reduce pain. The Spine Center at NEBH has developed an internationally recognized approach based on proven and objective tools in the treatment of spinal pain. Intensive exercise based programs have been found to be both safe and effective for the treatment and management of back and neck pain.

Many patients participate in the Spine Center’s Spine Rehabilitation Program — a program that was developed from years of research concluding that taking it easy and avoiding activities is the worst thing people with chronic back pain can do. Often referred to as “boot camp,” this program includes two, one-hour sessions with a physical therapist per week, typically for four to eight weeks, depending on the level of need.

Patients work with a physical therapist and learn a safe and beneficial exercise program, focusing on restoring spine motion and strength. Those who complete the Spine Physical Therapy Program report better physical ability and less pain. Most are able to return to all of their desired activities, including sports.

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