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Healthy Tips for Celtics Fans

Health & Prevention

As the Boston Celtics begin their 2015-2016 season, fans are excited to celebrate. Whether you’ll be watching games this season at the Garden or from home, here are a few tips to make sure you have a safe and fun time.

Make Healthy Food Choices

At the game: It’s easy to binge on sodas and burgers when you’re focusing on a fast-paced game, but they pack on calories quickly. Try a thin-sliced turkey sandwich from the Back Bay Carvery concourse, or look for grilled chicken or salad options. Skip the soda and pick flavored seltzer water instead if you crave the carbonation.

At home: Try some variations of classic sports-viewing meals: a vegetarian bean or turkey chili is packed with protein and healthier than beef-based chili. You can replace your 7-layer dip and chips with tomato salsa and veggie slices. Need a Celtics-themed dish? Use a marker to decorate clementines or oranges to look like basketballs.

Move Around

At the game: You might feel like you’re getting a workout just watching the players running, but it’s easy to stay sedentary once you’ve found your seat. Between quarters, try walking up and down the stairs a few times or taking a loop around the stadium. Have a hard time walking? Get moving and show your support for the team by standing up to cheer periodically throughout the game.

At home: Basketball games typically last about 1.5 hours, so be sure to get off the couch during that time. Use commercial breaks to walk around. If you have kids who will be participating in the fun, have them run basketball drills during the breaks. Teaching how to set a pick, proper defensive position, or lay-up techniques are good options for indoor drills with only a few people.

Have fun and enjoy the game!


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