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Feeling motivated by the Olympics? 5 Ways to start a new exercise routine

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Are you feeling inspired while lounging on the couch watching the 2016 Rio Olympics? Motivated to get up and begin a new workout routine? While you may not be a top Olympic athlete, it’s never too late to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle.

Kevin Bernard, MD explains that simple activities like walking, light jogging, biking and swimming can bring about wonderful benefits for not only your physical physique but also your overall health. Getting up and making your blood flow can improve your sleeping patterns, increase your metabolism, prevent stiffness in your joints, and help you to maintain your weight, which plays an important role on the health of your joints. Additionally, exercise can boost your endorphins to make you a more happy and balanced person.

Moreover, regular activity can help fight off chronic diseases like osteoporosis and has a number of health benefits for those living with arthritis, including decreased pain and fatigue, increased strength and flexibility, and improved ability to manage symptoms or prevent injury.

Here are 5 ways to help you ease into a new exercise routine:

  1. Find a workout buddy – Considering the Olympics are one of the most watched events in television history, seek out a friend who is also feeling motivated by the Olympics, form a team and get sweating!
  2. Bust the excuses – You are never “too tired” to go on a light walk or 20 minute jog. If anything, it will end up making you feel more energized after!
  3. Find a form of exercise you enjoy-you don’t have to throw weights around at the gym or run for miles to work up a sweat.  Recreational activities like rock climbing, swimming, yoga and even dancing are a great work out and tons of fun.
  4. Join a team or club – Most cities and suburban towns have community centers with athletic clubs for all types of activities. Joining a team can further your motivation, make your workout more fun and allow you to meet new people.
  5. Get selfish about your workout time – Find a time of day that works for you to work out and stick to it. We so often substitute our workout time for other events and people, but if you get selfish about your workout it will become a habitual part of your day.

Always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

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