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Life in Motion

Fact or Fiction: If You Can Move a Bone or Joint, You Do Not Have a Fracture

Joint Health

Many of us have been told that if you become injured but are able to move the area, you do not have a fracture. According to NEBH radiologists, this is fiction. You can suffer a fracture or other bone injury and still be able to move the affected area.

The most common types of fractures are from a trauma, such as a fall, overuse, where repetitive motions can result in stress fractures, and from osteoporosis, which can weaken bones and make them more likely to break. Symptoms of fractures can include pain, swelling and tenderness, bruising, and in severe cases, a limb may be bent at an usual angle.

If you become injured and have any type of persistent pain, it’s important you see an orthopedic expert.

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