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Life in Motion

Empowering Patients Through Education

Health & Prevention

A big part of what makes New England Baptist Hospital different than other centers is patient education – a belief that educated patients participating in their own care will improve outcomes. The hospital offers a range of opportunities for patients to learn from and work with its specialists. Our goal is to educate patients and their families about what is available to them and the role they can play in their own healthcare. Patients benefit from what NEBH has learned through our research efforts and the very specific sub-specialty expertise that resides here.

Pre-Surgery Patient Educational Classes

NEBH offers pre-operative educational classes for patients and their families to attend prior to having total knee replacements, total hip replacements, and spinal fusion surgery. Classes are taught by a nurse and physical or occupational therapist. Attendance is encouraged so patients learn valuable information on what to expect before, during, and after surgery so that they may be better prepared. Patients’ expectations of surgery and recovery then fall into line with the clinical pathways to provide a seamless, efficient continuum of care. The classes also provide the opportunity for patients to have their questions answered so they feel confident and empowered going into surgery.

Email Series

NEBH offers patients the opportunity to enroll in a free email series, which helps guide them throughout the process of preparing for and recovering from surgery. This service includes customized information relevant to where they are in the surgery timeline, news, resources, access to support information and the ability to ask questions. Most importantly, it lessens anxieties and makes the patient a partner in the care process.

Occupational Therapy Workshop

After surgery, everyday tasks such as taking a shower or preparing a meal may seem daunting and difficult. In order to ease this difficulty, NEBH designed a program where patients are invited prior to surgery to come in and practice activities of daily living under the guidance of an occupational therapist. By practicing these challenging activities before surgery, patients and caregivers are better prepared, less anxious, and able to focus on rehabilitation. This also provides an opportunity for our occupational therapists to work with patients to minimize barriers in the home environment that might limit their ability to recover quickly and get back to an active lifestyle.

By providing patient education and empowering our patients as a partner in their care, NEBH delivers a level of care that influences patient success and great outcomes.

To enroll in pre-surgery educational classes or the occupational therapy workshop, please speak with your doctor. To sign up for the email series, click here.

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