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Can Knee Arthritis be Reversed?

Joint Health

We were asked, “Can the arthritis in my knee be reversed?” We were curious so we spoke with NEBH Rheumatologist Monica Piecyk, MD.

Dr. Piecyk explained that arthritis is an abnormality that affects (the inflammation of) one or more of your joints. With arthritis, the diseased joint can swell and become inflamed. This inflammation can cause lasting damage and may lead to pain and possible restriction in motion.

Multiple types of arthritis can affect the knee.

  • Osteoarthritis is the most common and can range in severity from mild to advanced. The progression of osteoarthritis can be slowed by maintaining a healthy body weight (Body Mass Inex (BMI) of less than or equal to 25), and by practicing regular low impact exercise such as walking. Once the cartilage (cushion of the joint) or bone has been damaged, unfortunately this cannot be reversed. When damage is severe, joint replacement surgery is an option for many people.
  • If the arthritis is due to inflammation, such as in rheumatoid arthritis, treatment of this inflammation with medication often results in significant improvement in both symptoms and in the function of the joint. Treatment also is essential to reduce the risk for permanent joint damage.

For more information, contact a rheumatologist  or orthopedic surgeon who can help you get the appropriate treatment.

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