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Are You Ready for Golf Season?

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Spring is finally starting to make its presence felt here in New England. As the courses are drying out with each bright sunny day, many of us are itching with the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming golf season. Bryan Truscott, LAT, ATC, CSCS, TPI Level 2 Fitness, Level 2 Medical Certified shares a few tips that will get you ready for the season ahead.

First on the list is to check your equipment. Make sure that all your clubs are in good working condition. Are your grips worn? If they are, take the time to replace them.  Worn grips can cause you to grip the club extra hard, which can affect you swing mechanics, and also lead to hand and wrist injuries. Make sure that the grooves on your irons and wedges are not worn down or dirty. They create the back spin on the ball, and are what make the ball bite hard and hold on to the greens.

Now that you are confident your clubs are in shape for the golf season, are you? Your body is the most important piece of equipment you will use on the golf course, so just as you want to make sure your clubs are ready to go,  you need to get your body tuned up for the long season ahead. You will need strength and endurance to make your 18th hole just as strong as your first shot. When you develop both a good full shoulder and hip turn, you will have the ability to generate a powerful and efficient swing.

At the NEBH Golf Performance Improvement Program, we offer both group and individual strength and conditioning sessions designed to get you in shape for the upcoming golf season.  For more information about our programs and some tips to keep fit and strong, please visit

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