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New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center 
at Dedham

Dedham_Web_edited-1.jpgThe New England Baptist Outpatient Care Center is a brand new, state-of-the-art center, located at 40 Allied Drive in Dedham.

This 66,000 square foot facility provides patients with the same nationally recognized level of care you’ll find at all of our locations. As the only hospital in New England that specializes exclusively in musculoskeletal care, NEBH is recognized as one of the best orthopedic programs in the country. We have more depth and breadth of orthopedic expertise than anyone else in New England, and now these world class physicians are available right in your neighborhood. 

Conveniently located off of Route 128, the new two story structure will bring a significant benefit to patients who have traditionally had to travel into Boston for world-class orthopedic care.

With a focus on sports medicine and orthopedic surgery, the center will offer patients a complete experience where all of their outpatient surgical, pain management and rehabilitative needs can be met in one place.

NEBH programs and services at the Dedham location include:

Physician Consults
Our orthopedic experts offer comprehensive care in all areas of orthopedics, including sports injuries, hand, foot and spine procedures, as well as arthroscopies and minimally invasive surgeries.

To find a physician, chat live with a member of our Physician Referral Team, or call 1-855-370-NEBH (6324).

Ambulatory Surgery
8 state-of-the-art operating rooms designed to meet the needs of the orthopedic surgery patient. Patients experience the same quality care and excellent customer service NEBH is known for in a convenient outpatient setting.

To find a physician, chat live with a member of our Physician Referral Team, or call 1-855-370-NEBH (6324).

Interdisciplinary Pain Management Program
This premiere center of excellence for musculoskeletal pain focuses on restoration of function, improvement in quality of pain in daily living, emotional health for patients as well as empowering patients when making decisions about their musculoskeletal health. This interdisciplinary program has physiatrists, pain management specialists and radiologists working side by side to support a comprehensive pain management approach.  

For appointments call
Pain Management: 617-754-5450
Spine Center: 617-754-5287

Shields Health Care Group, a leader in diagnostic imaging for more than 25 years, has an unwavering commitment to quality imaging and high value. The Dedham location provides easy access to diagnostic imaging to meet the needs of physicians and patients. This location features the latest in x-ray technology and a state-of-the-art 1.5T MRI machine. 

To make an appointment at the Dedham facility call 1-800-258-4674
For other imaging services provided by NEBH call 617-754-5287.

Occupational Health
The New England Baptist Occupational Health Program is devoted to preventing, evaluating, and managing conditions that are commonly or uniquely experienced by workers exposed to hazards in the workplace. Included in these services are pre-employment screenings, drug testing, DOT and other specialized exams, independent medical examinations, medical surveillance and worker’s compensation injury management.

For appointments call 617-754-5620.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Our osteopathic manipulative medicine physicians are board certified and have special training in identifying and correcting acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems. This hands-on spinal and joint manipulative approach using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance, is aimed at treating pain in the back, neck and  joints, as well as migraines.

For appointments call 617-754-6373.

Outpatient Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational and Hand Therapy)
New England Baptist offers a comprehensive, progressive and proactive approach for patients needing sports, spine, hand and occupational health rehabilitation. Every patient, whether recovering from a surgery or rehabilitating an injury, receives personalized attention and a customized therapy plan that is sure to yield excellent results. The Dedham location adds the convenience of accessing this renowned program close to home.   

For appointments call 617-754-5069.

Spine Center
This internationally renowned program focuses on the evaluation, treatment and management of back pain and the full spectrum of spinal disorders. Our physiatrists (medical specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) are experts in providing thorough evaluation, extensive education about the problem, and treatment options. This program is designed to help patients make an informed decision about which treatments are best for them.

For appointments call 617-754-5246.