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It's hard to navigate the "road to recovery" when you're on the journey alone. That's why the physicians, nurses and other care providers here at NEBH have committed to being there for our patients every step of the way.

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Where does the journey begin?

NEBH has a network of expert physicians who are among the top in their field to help you get started along your journey. They will examine and diagnose you and develop a personalized treatment plan that will guide you through treatment and recovery.

NEBH has the largest dedicated clinical staff in Massachusetts committed to the treatment and study of orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. It is this specialization that allows for diagnosis, innovative treatments and better patient outcomes.


Diagnosing your condition

Like any journey, you need to know what your destination is before you start. This is why we have built a first class Imaging Department that performs diagnostic imaging and radiologic procedures specifically for musculoskeletal conditions. Having this level of advanced technology and expertise helps us identify problems and get to solutions quickly and accurately.

Proper evaluation of orthopedic conditions ensures that physicians can recommend a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve the best results for each patient.


Innovative pain treatment programs without surgery

Once you are diagnosed and your personalized treatment plan is developed, you can continue along your journey. Very often, a non-surgical approach can be taken. NEBH’s renowned pain management and rehabilitation programs have established evidence based protocols that can achieve amazing results and have been adopted by facilities around the world.

Many orthopedic conditions can be treated without surgery. The NEBH philosophy is to explore all conservative approaches to treatment before deciding if surgery is the best course of action.


Ensuring the best outcomes before your surgery

When your treatment plan indicates that surgery is the best treatment method, you want to go to the hospital that specializes in that type of surgery. NEBH is an orthopedic specialty hospital focused solely on the care of the orthopedic patient. NEBH has designed a pre-operative process from years of experience in determining what is needed to get great surgical outcomes. Every patient receives a personalized care plan starting with pre-operative screening through recovery and rehabilitation.

NEBH has one of the highest case mix ratios in Massachusetts which means we care for all orthopedic cases from the most basic to the most complex.


During your surgery

NEBH understands that most patients are very nervous when they have to have surgery. You can be reassured by the fact that NEBH performs more orthopedic surgery then any hospital in New England. This high volume of orthopedic patients means a highly experienced, dedicated team in the operating room that is second to none. NEBH has an entire department of medicine including cardiology and endocrinology to support patients who may be at high risk during surgery.

NEBH's passion for patient safety is reflected in our infection and re-admission rates which are among the lowest in the country.


After your surgery

Once your surgery is complete, our experienced nursing and rehabilitation team will work hard to get you on your feet and back to life quickly. The entire team tending to you during your stay specializes in treating orthopedic patients and is skilled in what orthopedic patients need. They will teach you everything you need to know to ensure proper healing and postsurgical rehabilitation.

NEBH is regularly awarded as a top-performing hospital in patient satisfaction. The Baptist has ranked in the 99th percentile nationally for patient satisfaction since 2007.


The last step on your journey

Your treatment plan doesn't end after surgery. Our case management team will help you complete your plan by making sure that all of your needs following your hospital stay are taken care of - whether it is a rehab facility, physical therapy, home care or scheduling follow-up visits. NEBH has a network of physical therapists, rehabilitation facilities and home care services to make sure that you get the care that you need close to home.

Studies show that coordinated post-surgical care speeds recovery and reduces preventable hospital readmissions. NEBH has the lowest readmission rate for orthopedic discharges in Massachusetts.

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