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Steven Tyler


As frontman for the rock band Aerosmith, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Steven Tyler is a cultural icon and a household name in his own right, especially in Boston.

Tyler is famous for his high-energy stage performances. Unfortunately for Tyler, those high-energy performances are rough on the joints, especially the knees and feet. Although Tyler has persevered and performed even with excruciating pain in several instances, a few of the injuries have resulted in postponed or cancelled shows, a disappointment to both band members and audiences alike.

Brian McKeon, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at New England Baptist Hospital, has been Tyler's surgeon for years. Over the years, the two have cemented a friendship that extends far beyond the physician/patient relationship. "Doc is my 'go-to' guy," says Tyler. "I know that I can call on him anytime and he will be honest with me. When I'm on stage, I need my body to be in top shape. If I'm in pain, the performance isn't the same. Make no mistake, Aerosmith has no plans to stop rocking anytime in the near future, so I will do whatever is needed to ensure that my body can keep up with my performances!"

Tyler has also been impressed with the philosophy of care at the Baptist. "My experience with NEBH has been very similar to my experience with Doc McKeon. It's clear that they treat every patient like they are the most important patient in the Hospital. That kind of service makes an impression no matter who you are."