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Lisa Pulver

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Professional dancers know how to live with pain. "You ice it, rest it and get back to dancing," says Lisa Pulver, director of the North Reading School of Ballet. The need to practice and her love of performing — something she enjoyed for ten years — kept her going.

When her chronically painful knee no longer responded to the usual treatment, Ms. Pulver, who has four daughters, sought medical advice. "I kept hearing people mention Dr. Brian McKeon," she says. "Dancing is my life. I decided to go for the best."

In July, Dr. McKeon performed surgery to rebuild Ms. Pulver's anterior cruciate ligament. She admits she was nervous. "Seeing the banner about how the Baptist is one of the top orthopedic hospitals according to U.S. News & World Report made my day," she recalls. 

"Dr. McKeon did a great job." Under his guidance, she is back to teaching, dancing and strengthening her hard-working knee.

As her daughters grow up, Ms. Pulver hopes to work less and enjoy more. "That means my husband and I will spend more time ballroom dancing and golfing," she says with a smile.