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Kit Ackerman

As Boston Celtics team mascot “Lucky”, Kit Ackerman does whatever it takes to get fans excited. Whether it’s soaring through the air doing acrobatic dunks or flipping his way across the basketball court with high impact gymnastics, Ackerman is up for the challenge.

Unfortunately, those high-energy performances can come at a cost. During practice in 2012, Ackerman decided to do one last dunk before calling it quits for the night. “I popped straight up off the trampoline, about 12 feet into the air, and came down in the space in between the trampolines and crash mat, which is just hardwood floor. My ankle folded underneath me and caused multiple small fractures in my fibia and tore 3 ligaments.”

The next morning Ackerman met with Celtics team physician Dr. Brian McKeon at NEBH. “As soon as I walked into the hospital, everyone was very calm and welcoming. All of the staff I met were very easy to talk to and all of a sudden I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was in a hospital with an injury, I felt like I was among friends."

McKeon prescribed extensive physical therapy at New England Baptist Hospital to get Ackerman back on the court. “The physical therapists I worked with were great. My recovery was incredibly fast. As I look back on it, it’s just amazing how quickly they were able to diagnose the problem and get me on the road to recovery.” After just 2 months, Ackerman was back on the court getting the crowd riled up for games again. 

“There’s just a feeling about being on the court at the garden. Every single night for the last 4 years has felt like my very first time performing. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything. It’s very scary when you feel like there’s a chance that can be taken away from you. To finally earn that spot back and be back on the court, it’s having my own small championship.”