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Julia Berman

Julia _BermanAs a nurse in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit at New England Baptist Hospital for almost a decade, Julia Berman, RN delivers expert, compassionate, personalized care for her patients every day—she is part of the reason the Baptist is renowned for exceptional nursing. But Julia never imagined that she would one day trade places with her patients.

As a nurse, Julia recognized the implications of her own nagging lower back pain early on. For years, she endured bouts of pain, but as a busy working mother of two young children, she was reluctant to explore back surgery—until one day when she lifted her son, and her lower back pain went from nagging to excruciating.

Julia visited NEBH colleague and prominent spine surgeon Dr. Eric Carkner. She says her hesitance about surgery quickly dissolved and she felt confident it was the best option for her.

“Before surgery, I couldn’t do many everyday things; it was impossible to live like that, especially with two little kids to chase around,” says Julia. “Now, I can do the things I once took for granted, like picking up my children and helping patients at work. I knew I was in good hands for my surgery, and I know that the Baptist is the only place I will go for back care in the future.”

Julia says her experience as an NEBH patient was exceptional. She is grateful that her surgery has given her freedom—she no longer lives in fear of recurring back pain and is able to work, parent, and resume the activities she loves. But just as important, Julia’s experience helped her to understand the real impact of the Baptist’s tradition of nursing excellence and high standards of care.

In fact, Julia became an NEBH donor and supporter one year after her surgery when she ran the 2015 Falmouth Road Race, a seven-mile race on Cape Cod, and raised funding to underwrite important clinical initiatives within the Spine Program and provide scholarships for NEBH nurses who pursue advanced degrees, among other priorities at NEBH. The support of grateful patients like Julia keeps the Baptist’s patients running, playing with their children, and working every day.