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Jerry Remy Bounces Back After Surgery

Jerryremyremdawg _1It is hard to picture Jerry Remy down for the count, flat on his back, on the DL. Whether he's on TV or radio, expounding on his web site, The Remy Report, or opening area restaurants that bear his name, the former second baseman turned broadcaster is an essential part of the Boston Red Sox experience. For 20 years, Red Sox fans have depended on the Remdawg to provide baseball insights and commentary.

But five years ago, Remy ran into relentless back pain due to a damaged disc. "It was excruciating," he recalls. "I couldn't even walk."

When it became clear he needed surgery, Remy sought the advice of a trusted friend who happened to be a physician. "He told me there was only one place to go-the Baptist," says Remy.

He quickly found out why. "When it comes to surgery, I'm a baby," he admits. "But I can honestly say that, from the time I walked into the Baptist that day, I knew I was in the right place, and I relaxed. I was treated like one of the family."

When another disc flared up two years later, Remy returned to the Baptist for a second surgery. "Again, the entire staff was just perfect, from the OR to the recovery unit," he says.

He's not eager for more surgery, so Remy follows doctor's orders. "I work out four or five times a week," he says, noting that his goal is to keep his back strong and flexible. "But it's not easy sitting through those double-headers."