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Patient Stories

Kristin Dole

Knee Replacement

"Being able to move without pain is a gift that the Baptist gives each patient, every day."

Jeffrey Libert

Spine Care

"I’ve had to struggle with musculoskeletal issues for most of my life, and the Baptist has helped me manage and live well despite them. This hospital has also helped my brother, my mother, my daughter, and my son, and I am deeply grateful."

Donna McMillan

Spine Surgery

"It’s been so good to have a team of experts that communicates with each other and makes sure I know what to expect. Orthopedic issues are part of my genetic makeup, so it’s reassuring to know that NEBH is there for me."

Joseph Connolly

Patient and Family Advisory Council

"Working on the PFAC has been inspiring. I always look forward to coming in. I think it’s important for patients and family members to be involved."

Michael Spooner

Patient and Family Advisory Council

"Being on the PFAC is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s not just going to a meeting on a monthly basis, it’s really having the opportunity to represent the voice of the patient and bring forward what’s important to you as an individual."

Connie Dawson

Shoulder Surgery

"I wasn’t remotely expecting a total fix after the surgery, but that’s what Dr. Richmond gave me. I am now completely pain-free and my shoulder is stronger and more stable than before my initial injury. I am beyond grateful."