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Patient Stories

Michael Spooner

Patient and Family Advisory Council

"Being on the PFAC is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s not just going to a meeting on a monthly basis, it’s really having the opportunity to represent the voice of the patient and bring forward what’s important to you as an individual."

Connie Dawson

Shoulder Surgery

"I wasn’t remotely expecting a total fix after the surgery, but that’s what Dr. Richmond gave me. I am now completely pain-free and my shoulder is stronger and more stable than before my initial injury. I am beyond grateful."

Louise “Reddi” Ford

Patient and Family Advisory Council

"The PFAC members zero in on issues that we have experienced ourselves. Agreeing and working on ways we can make the next patient’s experiences even better has been very satisfying."

Julie Thistlethwaite

Patient and Family Advisory Council

"Being on the PFAC is a great way to make a difference, meet new people and have an impact. I love it."

Linda Percy

Patient and Family Advisory Council

"I like the fact that NEBH is constantly looking for new patients and family members to get fresh experiences to talk about and evaluate. NEBH really listens to the PFAC."

Julia Berman

Spine Surgery

"Now, I can do the things I once took for granted, like picking up my children and helping patients at work. I knew I was in good hands for my surgery, and I know that the Baptist is the only place I will go for back care in the future."