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Dispensing Medication

Smart Medication Safety

Medication errors are one of the most common causes of harm to patients. Our healthcare team has successfully implemented many programs to prevent errors so that you can be confident in your safety.

Your Medication History is Very Important

Always have with you a list of all of your medications with:

  • the name of the medication
  • the strength (that is the number with mg, gm, or % beside the name of the medication)
  • how many you take each time you take the medication
  • what times in the day you take the medication

This will help so that your prescriptions are ordered correctly for you or a loved one. Most times, an NEBH pharmacist reviews your medications before you have your procedure when you come to your prescreening appointment. The pharmacist will enter your medications into our computer system that your doctor will use to prescribe your medications. We may order medications that we do not carry before your visit so that your medication therapy will not be interrupted.

Electronic medical record

Electronic medical records eliminate errors based on poor handwriting or by using unsafe abbreviations. We use our unique computer system to help us follow your medications at every stage of your remarkable journey, from when you arrive through when you leave NEBH. This ensures that patients are taking the correct medications at each level of care.

Identification safeguards- Who YOU are (your name and date of birth)

Some medication errors are caused by not checking a patient’s identification. At NEBH, members of your health care team will ask you to repeat your name and date of birth; which helps NEBH to provide safe and accurate care to you or your loved one at each stage of the care process. Every time you are given medications, your nurse will ask you to state your name and date of birth. It shows that we want to be absolutely certain you are safe. We use bar code scanning technology and medication dispensing machines to help identify your medications before they are given to you. 

Medication event elimination program

Medication errors are usually caused by system failures, rather than individual mistakes. A pharmacist is in our recovery room to talk directly with your doctor to make sure that all of your medication orders are right for you.