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Surgical Site Infections

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients develop infections in hospitals around the nation—infections that can cause complications and increase the risk of readmission. That’s why preventing post-operative infection must be a vital component of any successful surgical program, and why, at New England Baptist Hospital, we’re committed to reducing our infection rates to zero.

How are we performing?

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Our orthopedic infection rate continues to be extremely low, and our performance on nationally recognized best practice measures is near perfect. NEBH has the lowest infection rate in Massachusetts.

How do we continuously improve?

Our groundbreaking infection prevention and control program has brought us both recognition and results. We start with a state-of-the-art facility, high standards of cleanliness, and a hospital-wide focus on hand hygiene. We add some of the most leading-edge preventive practices and advanced measures for screening and eliminating drug-resistant bacteria. The results are fewer infections and more successful outcomes.