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Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury

A pressure injury (also known as a bedsore), can result from pressure caused by prolonged immobility or devices secured to skin. They are also referred to as "skin breakdown," and usually occur on the buttocks, heels and elbows. Not only is skin breakdown uncomfortable for the patient, but it can also lead to infection and other undesirable outcomes.

How are we performing?

AQR Charts Fy 2017-HAPI  -01NEBH continues to perform well below national benchmarks. 

How do we continuously improve?

Our skin-breakdown reduction program includes state-of-the-art beds, an effective daily skin assessment and prevention program, and early post-surgery ambulation. Additionally, a wound care committee was recently formed to employ best practice by utilizing the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) education on pressure ulcer development.