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Quality Data

Patients expect that they will be kept safe when they go to a hospital. At NEBH we know that guaranteeing a patient’s safety takes a lot of hard work and it is one of our top priorities. By creating a structure that is built on accountability, teamwork, and common methodologies for problem solving we have been able to develop a safe and reliable system of care for our patients.

Patient-Centered Model of Care
Designed to coordinate the multidisciplinary team of experts and ensure continuity of care for each patient. It has increased efficiencies, shortened length of stay, and improved communication and patient satisfaction.

Innovation & Improvement
Things don’t always go as planned and when they do go wrong, we have a system in place to fix the situation, analyze what went wrong and make changes to ensure that it never happens again.

Discharge Planning with Smooth Transition of Care
Even before a patient is admitted to the hospital, we are already working with them to plan where they will be going following discharge. Our case managers are also there to support patients as they go home or to a post-acute facility to ensure a smooth transition.

Preventing Complications
We are actively preventing surgical complications across the care continuum. High risk patients are identified in pre-screening by our multidisciplinary team of experts who monitor and manage these risks throughout the surgical and recovery process.

Engaging Patients and Families as Partners in Care
Patients and their families taking an active role in their care can have a direct impact on the outcome. By providing education and by making sure their voice is heard at every step, patients have a more satisfying experience and achieve better results.

Read more about how we are doing in several key areas, including:

   • Blood clots
   • Catheter associated urinary tract infections
   • HCAHPS (Patient Satisfaction)
   • Hospital acquired pressure injury
   • Patient falls
   • Surgical site infections
   • 30 day unplanned readmissions