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Patient Safety & Quality

Patient safety during hospital care is a national priority and requires everyone’s involvement.  That is why at NEBH we are committed to ensuring a strong patient safety program which is based on a partnership, with YOU and your family. Research shows that when the patient and the family are actively involved in their care, the patient is more likely to have better outcomes and recover faster.  With your involvement you will help us provide the best care, at the right time to the most important person, YOU.

What you can do to ensure safety:

  • Provide the healthcare team with accurate and detailed information about your condition and the medications you are taking
  • Keep the healthcare team informed of any changes of how you feel before, and during your hospitalization
  • Understand your treatment plan and know what to expect and what not to expect
  • Do not get out of bed without assistance
  • Ask questions about your care or what other information you may need or want

What we do to keep you safe: