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Empowering Patients Through Education

A big part of what makes New England Baptist Hospital different than other centers is patient education – a belief that educated patients participating in their own care will improve outcomes. The hospital offers a range of opportunities for patients to learn from and work with its specialists. 

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Accelerated Rehabilitation Program

New England Baptist Hospital has pioneered an Accelerated Rehabilitation Program for patients having a joint replacement (arthroplasty) of the hip. It all began with a study of 590 hip replacement patients that demonstrated promoting early mobility can decrease length of stay, influence discharge disposition and decrease the likelihood of postoperative complications and hospital readmission.

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Innovative Pain Management

New England Baptist Hospital has pioneered innovative guidelines for managing pain during joint surgery. It involves preventing pain before it starts and minimizing the amount of narcotics used. This program is one of the reasons joint replacement patients at NEBH are able to begin rehabilitation earlier, meet their in-hospital therapy goals, go home sooner, and are happier with their overall experience during their hospital stay.

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The Science of Back Pain

Eighty percent of us experience low back pain at one time or another. Learn more about how our physiatrists have pioneered a science-based approach to understanding and treating low back pain.

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