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Can a New, Investigational Cartilage Tissue Implant Made from a Patient’s Own Cells Potentially Improve Outcomes and Recovery Time After Cartilage Injury in The Knee?

New England Baptist Hospital surgeon and recognized cartilage expert Dr. Kai Mithoefer is leading innovative research that offers patients access to advanced cartilage repair technology that is currently being tested to determine if an investigational cartilage tissue implant made from patient’s own cartilage cells will improve outcomes and recovery time for certain knee cartilage injuries.

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MRI Machines Becoming More Patient Friendly

New England Baptist Hospital is the only hospital in New England to have the newest extremity MRI, which produces stunning images, especially of fine structures, such as tendons and ligaments. The machine offers huge benefits in both comfort and quality for patients. 

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Staying Active with Orthopedic Issues

New England Baptist Hospital is internationally recognized for its intensive exercise-based outpatient spine physical therapy program, often referred to as “boot camp”. In this program, NEBH physical therapists educate and instruct people with chronic neck and back pain to safely return to exercise again to help reduce pain and return to their life. Although this innovative approach has generally been associated with issues related to orthopedic spine pain, it applies to all orthopedic injuries. 

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