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MRI Machines Becoming More Patient Friendly


New England Baptist Hospital is the only hospital in New England to have the newest extremity MRI, which produces stunning images, especially of fine structures, such as tendons and ligaments. The machine offers huge benefits in both comfort and quality for patients.  


An MRI machine utilizes a strong magnetic field and radiofrequency signals to create detailed images of the body. To obtain the highest level of detail in a MRI scan, the part of the body needing diagnosis should be at the center of the magnetic field. In a traditional MRI, this can be a challenge for those needing hand or elbow scans, as they would have to lay in the “Superman” position-on their stomach, with hands over their head for 30-45 minutes.

Extremity MRI

With the extremity MRI, patients can sit in a comfortable recliner while being scanned, with only the arm or leg in the bore of the MRI machine. The extremity MRI is also a great solution for those who suffer from claustrophobia. Many people have a difficult time lying in the enclosed space of a traditional MRI and request sedation. With the extremity MRI, only a patients arm or leg is in the MRI machine.

Latest Technology

The extremity MRI features high-field strength and superb image quality. This can be especially good for imaging the elbow and soft tissue needed to study patients with golfers elbow, tennis elbow and in advance of Tommy John surgery. Additionally, it is great for imaging the hand and wrist and identifying tendon injuries, ligament tears, pulley injuries, occult fracture and ganglion.

If your physician recommends an extremity MRI, please call 617-754-5287 to make an appointment.