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Patient Stories

Friends of NEBH

The Dawson Family

Sports Medicine

"The care at the Baptist is so expert, and so personal; you feel confident that when you walk into your doctor’s office, they know exactly who you are and why you’re there."

Kit Ackerman

Ankle Injury

"My recovery was incredibly fast. It’s amazing how quickly NEBH was able to diagnose the problem and get me on the road to recovery."

Jim Suchocki

Knee Revision

"They are great doctors, but even better human beings—they listen to you and they care about you."

Alta Fleming

Generous Donor and Volunteer

"The Baptist is such a special place."

Barbara Miller

Ruptured Quadriceps Tendon

"I've seen the Baptist from the inside now."

Paul Pierce

Medicine (Non-Orthopedic)

"I know that the physicians at the Baptist are dedicated to getting us back onto the court as quickly and safely as possible."