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Patient Stories

Back, Neck & Spine

Stephen Paley

Non-Surgical Back Pain

"It was freeing the first time I met with Dr. Rainville. The approach was totally different than other places I had gone for treatment. "

Linda Perrin

Spinal Surgery

"New England Baptist Hospital gave me a second life."

Darcy Jameson

Non-Surgical Back Pain

"I would highly recommend the Baptist. Having a team that takes you all the way through and really cares about your improvement and treatment is critical. I had a really good experience."

Jerry Remy

Spine Surgery

"It wasn't easy sitting through those double headers!"

Michael Foy

Non-Surgical Back Pain

"I thought I was disabled because the pain caused me to stumble when I walked...Now I'm back to work with no pain."

Bonnie Dirr

Spine Surgery

"Dr. Rand gave me my life back."