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Patient Family Advisory Council

The Patient and Family Advisory Council is a part of New England Baptist Hospital's set of strategies to ensure that family-centered care is a central focus of our organization. Patient/family-centered care is a philosophy of care that not only respects the patient but engages patients’ families in the care of our patients.

Our goal is to provide care that is grounded in mutually beneficial relationships among patients, patients’ families, and healthcare providers. To that end, we must recognize the key role that a patient’s family members play in the health, well-being, and recovery of the patient. As a team, we integrate the perspective of the patients and the patients’ family members into processes that will improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care, and we incorporate this information into our educational literature.

Our Charter

To enhance the delivery of care by:

1. Creating a vehicle of communication through which collaborative efforts among patients, families and the healthcare team are promoted so as to improve patient care and outcomes.

  • Increase patient and family involvement in care and/or care protocols

2. Recognizing the key role of families in the care and recovery of many patients.

  • Improve care coordination to be more inclusive of the patient and his/her family members

3. Designing an accessible continuum of care within the hospital that is flexible and responsive to patients and their family’s needs.

  • Improve informational and educational material by re-designing communication literature

4. Acknowledging the different coping mechanisms that may be used by patients and their family members.

  • Increase understanding of patient diversity and cultural differences

If you are interested in membership, please contact the PFAC Co-chairs, Julie Thistlethwaite and Tricia Ide at 617-754-5137.