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Our Community

Community Benefits Mission Statement

"New England Baptist Hospital is committed to collaborating with community partners and residents across Boston to identify areas of special need in musculoskeletal disease and collaborate on programs to address these needs, with special focus on underserved populations through outreach, education and provision of services to address musculoskeletal health."

NEBH provides many public benefits to the City of Boston, including helping to maintain the City’s reputation as home to one of the country’s premier medical communities. Each year, NEBH contributes approximately $2 million to the Massachusetts Uncompensated Care Pool. 

NEBH has been in the Mission Hill community for over 117 years and recognizes that the health and strength of the Hospital is linked to the health and strength of its neighborhood. NEBH currently operates a number of educational and outreach initiatives and is working to expand and identify further means of maintaining and improving the health of its community.

These existing programs are included in the Community Benefits Report. In addition, NEBH is committed to working with the community to identify programs and services it can provide to improve the quality of life in Mission Hill. 

Click here to see the NEBH Community Needs Assessment.

For more information contact Community Relations at 617-754-5400.