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Mary Sullivan Smith, RN, MS


Senior Vice President for Hospital Operations
Chief Nursing Officer

Mary Sullivan Smith was named Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer in 2011. Mary joined NEBH in 2009 as Director of Patient Care Services and shortly after was promoted to Associate Vice President, Patient Care Services. Mary has led the Hospital in major initiatives and quality improvement. In January of 2013, she was named Vice President of Clinical Operations.

She has responsibility for Inpatient Nursing and Perioperative Services, Urgent Care, Nursing Administration, Case Management, Rehabilitation Services, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Professional Development, Patient Education, Pastoral Care, Nutrition and Dietary Services and Environmental Services. Mary serves on the Board of Trustees as Chief Nursing Officer.

Prior to joining NEBH, Mary held a number of positions at Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children. Her most recent role was Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer.  She was responsible for Nursing Services, Perioperative Services, Emergency Medicine Services, Department of Anesthesiology, Respiratory Therapy, the Obstetrics Product Line, Psychiatry, Quality Improvement, Pastoral Care and Disaster Preparedness.

Mary received a Master of Science in Health Services Administration from Lesley University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Massachusetts, Boston and a Diploma in Nursing from the New England Baptist Hospital School of Nursing.

She is an active member of the American Association of Nurse Executives and the Organization of Nurse Leaders, MA and RI.

Areas of Responsibility:

Clinical Operations Ambulatory Services
Professional Development/Education Case Management
Clinical Operations-Finance Patient Care Support Services
Nursing Administration Pastoral Services
Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Respiratory Therapy
Pharmacy Hospitalist Service-NPs
Perioperative Care Behavioral Medicine-CNS
Endoscopy Anesthesia Support
Physician Assistants Bioskills Lab
Environmental Services Food & Nutrition