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Clinical Leadership

BasilicoFrederick C. Basilico, MD
Physician in Chief for Medicine
President, New England Baptist Medical Associates
Chief, Cardiology 

BodeRobert Bode, MD
Chairman, Department of Anesthesia
President of the Medical Staff 

BonoJames Bono, MD
Vice Chairman for Orthopedics for Medical Education

HayekJihad Hayek, MD
Chairman, Department of Pathology

RichmondDavid A. Mattingly, MD
Clinical Chair of Orthopedics and Surgeon in Chief

RichmondJohn C. Richmond, MD
Medical Director for Network Development

schneider_gary_CL.jpgGary B. Schneider, Ph.D.
Chief of Research

Spitz _Leadership

Damon J. Spitz, MD
Chairman, Department of Radiology

Tromenhauser _leadership _pageScott G. Tromanhauser, MD
Chief Medical Quality Officer


Frederick C. Basilico, MD
Chief, Section of Cardiology

Kenneth Bauer, MD
Chief, Section of Hematology

Brian Hollenbeck, MD
Chief, Section of Infectious Diseases 

Marilyn Griffin, MD
Chief, Section of Pulmonary Medicine

Amin F. Sabra, MD
Chief, Section of Neurology


James Bono, MD
Vice Chair, Department of Orthopedics

Kenneth M. Leavitt, DPM
Chief, Section of Podiatry

James Rainville, MD
Chief, Section of Physical Medicine/Rehab 

Mark Slovenkai, MD
Chief, Foot & Ankle 

Mark Steiner, MD
Chief, Section of Sports Medicine 

Carl Talmo, MD
Vice Chair, Orthopedic Research 

Andrew L. Terrono, MD
Chief, Section of Hand Surgery 

Scott G. Tromanhauser, MD
Chief, Section of Spine Surgery

Thomas H. Winters, MD
Chief, Section of Occupational Medicine 


Farhat Homsy, MD
Chief, Section of General Surgery 

Michael Kearney, MD
Chief, Section of Urology

Leonard Miller, MD
Chief, Section of Plastic Surgery 

Eric J. Woodard, MD
Chief, Section of Neurosurgery